The Vision of Eifel Fellowship

A Vision of Reconciliation: As God’s spiritual Kingdom advances, often unseen, throughout the earth, and the wisdom and power of Christ increasingly transform individuals, may hostility and division among people, groups, families, Christian traditions and nations be dissolved through
  1. confession of historic and current wrongs,
  2. representational and personal repentance,
  3. asking for and extending forgiveness and
  4. walking with one another in humility, respect and love.
A Vision of Discipleship: Since reconciliation is an outcome of Christlikeness being formed in the inner life, and since Christlikeness being formed in the inner life is the outcome of discipleship, may increasing numbers of people discover that the teachings of Christ the Messiah, accompanied by the power of the Holy Spirit, lead to reconciliation with God, and with others, and a life characterized by healing, insight, fullness and joy.

The Mission of Eifel Fellowship

To write, publish, teach and live out the principles of discipleship to Jesus as widely as possible, influencing the greatest number of people, and apply these in settings of personal and corporate reconciliation, especially between Jew and Gentile and among the various Christian traditions.

Values of Eifel Fellowship

  1. To fill our activities with worship and prayer
  2. To be led by the Holy Spirit alone, not by human wisdom (Isaac, not Ishmael)
  3. To hear God in submission to one another and the broader body of Christ
  4. To focus on the coming generations
  5. To be rooted in the Eifel, then going forth from the Eifel
  6. To be known by who we are, not by what we do (“doing” is to express “being”)
  7. To serve the growth of God’s Kingdom, not Eifel Fellowship
  8. To welcome the return of Jewish life to the Eifel
  9. To cultivate growing spiritual ecumenism among all Jesus followers
  10. To partner as widely as possible with other churches and organizations