Maturing Toward Wholeness in the Inner Life



Why Is George Writing in Tweets?

1 – I too was surprised to find myself beginning to write this book in tweets. What brought me to do this? It was a journey that I backed into.

2 – For Christmas 1998 my mother gave me Dallas Willard’s The Divine Conspiracy. Shortly thereafter I started reading.

3 – Half-way through I began to make notes in the margins. Then I began to underline. My next thought was: I need to read this book again.

4 – I read that copy of The Divine Conspiracy five times. I made more notes. I underlined. The spine broke. I still have the book on my shelf.

5 – I have gone through seasons of life when I thought wisdom was to try to read as many books as possible. And I have read a lot of books.

6 – The Divine Conspiracy changed all that. Here was something deep—enduring. It would be treasured long after most books had gone out of print.

7 – It transformed my orientation. Now I wanted to unearth the author’s thought processes. How did he arrive at his understandings?

8 – What was the essence, the core insights, the conceptual foundations? I began slowly to key the entire book into a word processing document.

9 – It took me a year. I was in no hurry. I did a couple of pages a day during my early morning study times. I highlighted the key insights.

10 – I deleted all explanatory material surrounding each key insight. I bolded the most important phrase in each one. I gave them each a number.

11 – I kept going over the key insights during my morning study times. Understandings took root in my subconscious. A study method was emerging.

12 – I studied other authors this way—Leanne Payne, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Richard Foster, the Desert Fathers, Robert Webber, Henri Nouwen, et. al.

13 – My study was transitioning from reading widely to meditating deeply. I focused on classics—writings that have endured the test of time.

14 – I was on a hunt for essence. What are foundational understandings upon which a house of wisdom can be built that will survive and flourish?

15 – I knew such understandings must be 1) expressed in few words and 2) rooted in the concepts of Jesus, the greatest Teacher ever to live.

16 – Our 21st century lives are submerged in a tsunami of words. Many words generate trivial words. Trivial words obscure insight, dilute wisdom.

17 – Just prior to starting this book our co-worker Cheri assigned me the job of writing 40 tweets to post on twitter, Facebook, and our website.

18 – Creating 40 tweets felt like writing poetry. This had become my style! I would write Maturing toward Wholeness in the Inner Life in tweets.

Draft: Last edited—March 11, 2015

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