Healing Wounds Rooted in History

How do we evangelize our city? Bless our area?
What are the spiritual strongholds that resist and oppose this?
How might they be removed?

How are spiritual strongholds established?

  • God gave man dominion on earth (Gen. 1:26). Human choices have outworking.
  • By choosing evil we give permission for spiritual darkness to enter. See the messages of the prophets of Israel.
  • Unless permission is removed, spiritual strongholds can endure for generations (2 Cor. 10:4). (The story of Markus)
  • Who can remove permissions given by our forefathers? Their descendants.
  • The generations are connected. (Dan. 9) (The story of Dolny-Kubin, Slovakia)
  • What power can break entrenched spiritual darkness? Christ’s cross (1 Jn. 3:8b). (The story of the German nobility and WWI—Alle Ehre König Jesus)

Daniel 9—A case study

1 – We do research vv. 1-2. History must be de-romanticized.

  • De-romanticizing history is a prophetic calling. The cross requires truth.
  • This relates to corporate/national history and also personal history. (The story of German leaders visiting Auschwitz)

2 – We pray v. 3. Lord, how do you want me/us to respond?

  • Response typically begins quietly among those who discern the need/call.
  • Breaking spiritual strongholds is the Spirit’s work; it will be spiritually opposed!

3 – We confess our sins and the sins of our forefathers vv. 5-15.

  • Confession is merely speaking the truth. We NEVER dishonor our forefathers.
  • Corporate history. (The story of the El-De Haus, Cologne)
  • Personal history. (The story of my great-great grandfather, the state of Virginia and 250 years of slavery)

4 – We ask God for forgiveness vv. 16-19.

  • Is there such a thing as “secular repentance”?
  • Gemünd/Stolpersteine

5 – We experience God’s healing. Reconciliation is a work of healing.

  • What questions do we need to ask?
  • What research needs to be done?

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