Eifel Fellowship Fund


August 19, 2012

From: Chairman of Antioch Network Board of Directors
To: Friends of George and Hanna 

Most of you will know about the Miley’s profound journey of faith and faithfulness. We also expect that the impact of their lives has touched yours at some point. If you are unacquainted with the amazing recent developments in their ministry, we encourage you to request their brief, regular updates.

The new dimensions of George and Hanna Miley’s international ministry are among the reasons that the Antioch Network leadership team is establishing the Miley — Eifel Fellowship.

This fund offers those desiring to partner with the Mileys’ life work another way to do so. Join us to support and advance:

  • Initiatives to bring God’s healing and grace to those suffering from the wounds of the Holocaust.
  • Events for confession, repentance and extending and receiving forgiveness for historical wrongs Christian traditions have committed against each other.
  • Writing, publishing and distributing George and Hanna’s life teachings as a legacy to coming generations.
  • George and Hanna’s speaking and teaching ministry.

Financial contributions may be designated for “Miley — Eifel Fellowship Fund” and sent to:

Antioch Network
1101 W. 34th Street; Box 315
Austin, TX  78705-1907


…or made via antiochnetwork.org

Celebrating the ongoing legacy of George and Hanna Miley,

J. Knox, Chairman
For the Antioch Network Board of Directors