Maturing Toward Wholeness in the Inner Life


Living in Harmony with What Is True About God and Me

1 – Humility is neither mysterious nor unattainable. As I mature toward Christlikeness, it increasingly characterizes the person I am becoming.

2 – Humility is central to who Jesus is. Being found in human form, he humbled himself (Philippians 2:8). Growth in Christlikeness is growth in humility.

3 – Isaiah had a profound experience of God. It gave him deeper insight into God and himself. It left him with a new depth in humility (Isaiah 6:1-5).

4 – Job had a similar experience to Isaiah (Job 42:5-6). So did Paul (2 Corinthians 12:1-10). So do all who deeply experience the Presence of God.

5 – Humility is simply living in sync with what is true—about God and about me. It is the condition God designed me to have when he created me.

6 – The two opposites to humility—1) pride (self-worship) and 2) inferiority (self-hatred)—can only exist when I am out of touch with reality.

7 – What is true of God and me? First, I am a created being. I am not God; I am not self-determined; I am not self-sufficient.

8 – I can make my own decisions because God gave me this ability. But I do not control the consequences that result from my decisions. God does.

9 – I am a glorious being, created by an indescribably magnificent God in his own likeness. He designed me to live continually in his Presence.

10 – God trusted me, with my fellow human beings, to have dominion over his creation, the work of his hands. What high esteem he has for me/us!

11 – I am like every other human. I have no ability I was not given. I have no basis for pride. In relation to others I am “unique” not “better.”

12 – I am a fallen glorious being. I chose to go away from my heavenly Father, to leave his Presence, to try to make a better life for myself.

13 – My first parents, Adam and Eve, also chose to go away from God. But blaming others will not help me. It was my choice; I alone am responsible.

14 – My choice to leave my Father’s Presence was insane! What was I thinking? That I knew better? It led to such damage in me and others near me.

15 – I am unable to reverse the effects of my wrong choices. Wounding within keeps me from finding my way back home to God’s Presence. I am lost.

16 – Mankind’s understanding is shattered in two crucial areas: we are disconnected from

  • the height of our glory
  • the depth of our ruin.

17 – My heavenly Father has made a Way for me to return home and live again in his Presence—a gift of utter mercy and grace. This Way is Jesus.

18 – In Jesus

  • my guilt can be removed
  • impurities cleansed
  • wounds healed
  • bad choices redeemed
  • my Father’s likeness re-formed in me.

19 – We seem easily to become aware of our brokenness, even in the midst of heavy denial. It is much harder to connect with our God-given worth.

20 – Do I really have value? Am I worthy of being loved? I so desperately need to hear “I love you” and know it was my Father who said it.

21 – Hearing my Creator say “I love you” happens as I practice his Presence. There I experience the love, value, delight he feels toward me.

22 – Unable to connect with my innate and indestructible value, I will lapse into arrogance or self-hatred. My need to be treasured is so great.

23 – Striving to meet my own need for self-worth, I may search for significance by what I can achieve. This often leads to addiction to “doing.”

24 – I may look to others–even try to manipulate them into expressing value for me. This can trap me in harmful behavior and relationships.

25 – Humility is a condition of my being, not of my behavior. Trying to “act” humble only leads to false humility, easily recognized by others.

26 – Humility is a condition of the soul. Mary: My soul magnifies the Lord … for he has looked on the humble estate of his servant (Luke 1:46).

27 – A person maturing toward humility is largely unaware of it. There may be moments of insight, but it will be clear this is a work of God’s grace.

28 – As we grow in humility, our thoughts are less and less of ourselves and more and more of God and others. Here is the cure for narcissism!

29 – Humility is cultivated in solitude. Withdrawing from other voices enables me to hear better the Voice that speaks Truth to me—that heals me.

30 – Humility is cultivated in worship. Connecting with God, I become aware

  • how great he is
  • how finite I am
  • how highly he esteems me.

Draft: Updated—November 2016

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