Internal versus External

Internal versus external:
I thought the book of Proverbs,
In the Hebrew bible was
A list of things to do, or not to do,
All about external behavior &
Warnings about consequences.
Slowly reading Proverbs again today,
I was surprised to discover the word ‘Heart’ mentioned nine
times in the first five chapters e.g 4:23
“Keep your heart with all vigilance
For from it flow the springs of life.”
What is the heart?
In the “Divine Conspiracy” p.206
Dallas Willard writes..
“Our heart is our will, or our spirit:
The center of our being from which
Our life flows…A heart rightly
Directed therefore brings health &
Wholeness to the entire personality.”

Episode #23: Establishing Jesus as Master Teacher for All of Life

Establishing Jesus As Master Teacher for All of Life- Eifel-Fellowship-George-Miley
Episode 1 from series: Maturing toward Wholeness in the Inner Life
Jesus came to earth bringing new information about how human life works. It surpassed anything his hearers had heard. As people oriented their lives around his teaching, it transformed them, and catalyzed a movement of love, joy and meaning that permeated the Roman Empire even as the political power tried brutally to stamp it out. We miss Jesus if we limit what he taught to religion. His teaching was uniquely liberating for all of life. It still is.
(George Miley) Recorded 7/24/2011 at Christ Church Anglican

Episode #14: My Choices Are Forming the Person I Am Becoming

My Choices Are Forming the Person I Am Becoming - Eifel Fellowship

The heart is the core … the seat … the essence of our humanity. The heart is the source of our choices. We have the power, the freedom, to choose. God has given this to us. He will not interfere with our choices.

Episode #9: Introduction to Christian Community

God is a community of persons who are in relationship with each other. We are created like him.
Without relationships a core aspect of our being is missing.

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