Chapter 23: New Life Comes Forth from Death

Maturing toward Wholeness in the Inner life Chapter 2 Discipleship George Miley

Maturing Toward Wholeness in the Inner Life
New Life Comes Forth from Death:
It Is No Longer I Who Live, But Christ Who Lives in Me

Foundational in Jesus’ teaching: to access the new life he offers, I must first allow God to put my old self-life to death. The cross must precede the resurrection. Grasping on to my own damaged life only leads me deeper into despair. Laying it down in order to receive a new, Christ-life leads to pure joy.

(George Miley) Recorded 9/2017

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As a German Jew born 11 months before Hitler seized power, I experienced the effects of Fascism first hand. I vividly remember Kristallnacht, November 9-10, 1938, the night that violent, contemptuous words turned into savage, destructive acts, and I am reluctantly compelled to speak out. The present political climate in America reminds me of the first 7 years of my life in Germany.
The German church, Protestant and Roman Catholic, was largely silent or even complicit. Oh there were exceptions, for example Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Maximilian Kolbe and Sophie Scholl. They paid for their resistance with their lives.
My prayer is that the Lord will raise up prophetic voices today to discern the times and call us Christians to repentance.

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When you hear the name George Verwer…


What do you think… Christian leader calling people to radical discipleship? Founder of a mission movement? The guy with the blow up world balloon?

For us, when we say the name George Verwer, we remember his encouragement to print A Garland for Ashes (Hanna’s story) in O.M. India and the copies he has given to any OMers who knew us.

He gave a copy to Ron Forberg. When Ron reached page 145, he thought of the scene he had captured on film, a team leaving Zaventem, Belgium for India in October 1968. Posting the picture has stirred so many memories among old OMers.

In those days we were cautious about acting like tourists in our mission journeys and cameras were rare, hard to believe in 2015 with Instagram…. Facebook. And so most of our friendships, life changing experiences are unrecorded except in our mutual memories.

Thank you George Verwer and Ron Forberg for bringing the Zaventem courtyard  back to life.










In the Phoenix Mountain Preserve


Gentle, timid family,
Painted perfectly,

Hiding as you feast,
Skittering in the stony shrub.

Why do you betray your kin,
With constant, anxious squawks?

Matchstick legs, propellers whirling,
Combs aflutter, blown about
By gusts of your own frightened speed.

I celebrate your ‘quailness’,
Will do you no harm,
Only gaze and marvel,
As the breath of God touches my soul.


Gambel’s quail