Logos was in Bangladesh

Those were the days!
This photo just landed in our Inbox. It was 1972, MV Logos was in Bangladesh & Dr Harawatiki (white hair) the ship’s doctor was visiting remote villages, hosting medical clinics. Kertstin Littlejohn, in the blue dress, was the nurse and Hanna was tagging along.

Learning to See Again

Have words in a book ever jumped out and hit you between the eyes?

That was my experience this morning while reading, Learning to See Again, Chapter 2 of Only the Lover Sings, Art & Contemplation, written in 1952.

“Man’s ability to see is in decline…
The spiritual capacity to perceive
The visible reality as it truly is…
There is too much to see…
What can be done?”

Josef Pieper responds to his own question… “a more patient openness for all things quiet & inconspicuous… The capacity to see increases.”

Claude Landmann Revealed the Holocaust Through the Memories…

Claude Lanzmann died a few days ago, July 5, 2018.

His epic movie, “Shoah”, released in 1985, revealed the Holocaust through the memories of survivors, victims and perpetrators.
While writing A Garland for Ashes, seeking elusive facts about my parents’ death in Chelmno, I read the whole script & watched the first part of “Shoah”. Too painful to watch to the end, and yet part of saying goodbye. The film opens with Simon Srebnik, one of the few Jews who survived Chelmno, telling the miraculous story of his survival and describing his experiences in horrendous detail.

Thankful for the life of Claude Lanzmann.

The Zeal of Thy House

Dorothy L Sayers, author, born 1893, continues to inspire writers today. In her 1937 play, “The Zeal of Thy House” she wrote, “…Humans manifest the ‘Image of God’ through creativity… Any creative work has three distinct components:
the Creative Idea,
the Creative Energy, begotten of
that idea and The Creative Power that is the meaning of the work & its response in the lively soul”.

Photo & quote from an article in Christianity Today

One Voice

A year ago, June 2017, we were in the Circus Maximus, Rome, a place of martyrdom for early Christians. Led by Raniero Cantalamessa we cried out with one voice, “Jesus is Lord”. We were together for the 50th Anniversary of the Charismatic Renewal in the RC Church.

Today we watched, “A Current of Grace” (“Ein Strom der Gnade”) on YouTube, a film from Net for God describing this gathering of 50,000 from many, many nations.

(photos: Ryan Thurman and from the web)