Hanna was born in 1932 into a Jewish family who lived in Gemünd in the Eifel region of Germany. As Nazi intimidation and violence against Jews escalated, her parents Markus and Amalie Zack sought ways for them and their only daughter to escape. On July 24, 1939, they placed 7-year-old Hanna on a Kinder Transport to England and safety. Unable to leave, Markus and Amalie were ultimately deported to the ghetto in Lodz, Poland, and gassed to death in Chelmno on May 3, 1942.

Hanna’s search for a personal relationship with Israel’s God culminated when she placed her faith in Yeshua (Jesus) as her Jewish Messiah when she was a young adult. She and George (from the United States) met in Belgium and were married in India. The Mileys have spent more than 45 years ministering worldwide to people about the love God has for them and his power to transform the inner life into the likeness of his Son. Their work has taken them to some 100 countries.

George was one of the leaders who laid the foundations of the work of Operation Mobilization (OM) in India in the 1960s. He was subsequently the pioneer leader of the OM ships LOGOS and DOULOS. In 1987 he founded Antioch Network, a still-expanding relational fellowship of Christian leaders, the ministries they lead, and the networks to which they relate. Through initiatives of prayer, church planting, leadership development, reconciliation and discipleship, Antioch Network is “Preparing the Way for the Lord”.

The Mileys are active in the ministry of reconciliation, residing five or six months each year in Hanna’s home region of Germany, teaching and living out Christ’s power to shape forgiveness and healing in the inner life. Some of their closest friends are Germans. But their ministry extends beyond this to wherever divisions among individuals and groups are entrenched. Their special passion is to cultivate unity among the Christian traditions through confession (acknowledging openly how we have wronged each other), repentance and asking for and extending forgiveness. Now in their senior years, George and Hanna are committing their life-teaching to writing, and imparting it to the generations who follow them.